Ever going through life and you know you need to do something differently, but are feeling stuck and not sure how to get moving along?

Yes, that is a common theme for many of us at one time or another. I have been working on my new book and have been feeling pulled in many directions due to my business responsibilities at my company as well as family obligations.

In fact, I was not leaving myself with much time at all to pursue my writing and my future. My DREAM.

Well I knew I needed a boost to get myself moving along again and it just so happened that I had signed up for this conference a while back, The Igniting Souls Conference, with Kary Oberbrunner. Turns out, it came along at exactly the right time.

I had the passing thoughts that I may need to miss some of the conference due to family obligations that arose that weekend – but instead I gave myself permission to be filled up. And what a good decision that was!

The conference kicked off with Olympic Gold medalist Kyle Snyder’s story of his drive to be the best  – not only because he loves the sport of wrestling but because he feels any success he has is Jesus living in him.  That was amazing. Wow! What a lesson on humility. Then there was his coach, who spoke about life and meaning and purpose and how the loss of his son fueled his faith. Moving beyond words (and I think I have had to overcome a lot).

Then there were the speakers quotes that will change my business and the way I see things forever:

Kary Oberbrunner: “Feel the Fire, See the Fire, Be the Fire”

Mike Kim: “Marketing is something we do for people and not to people.”

Brian Dixon: “What is obvious to me, is magic to other people.”

Amy Schmitthauer: “Make a video for one person, and many will be affected.”

Dexter Godfrey: “Faith forward or faith in reverse.” (What we believe matters)

Have I even mentioned the tribe yet?

Well there in lies the magic.

There is nothing like being surrounded by people who are mutually supportive, life affirming and on similar missions. The tribe lifted each person up and celebrated their accomplishments one at a time as each author presented their book on stage. The authors were courageous and accomplished and are setting out to change lives for the better. Each in their own voice with a story of victory and faith.

Well I left that conference with mission, a greater understanding of my purpose and the value my words offer others. Within the next four days, we built a website, developed our first products, wrote a blog post, and…well I would say we were on fire!


Thank you Igniting Souls Conference!

Let's get started!


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"When I started working with Angela I was not getting the types of Interior Design jobs that I

needed for my business to be successful. I was struggling to support myself financially and I

knew something needed to change. I did not have an understanding of who I was and,

therefore, who my company was. I did not have a clear vision of what I offered that made my

business unique, how to market my business effectively, and how to charge appropriately for

my services. I was struggling with confidence in my abilities as a designer and business

owner. I felt like I was floating without a clear direction.


Angela led me through a process over the course of several months that allowed me to

overcome my fears and clearly illuminate the direction for my business based on who I am as

a person and designer and based on the goals I have for my life. We worked through growth

strategies and what a mindset for success looks like. I have a new found confidence in my

abilities as a designer and business owner and I can now enjoy my life as a result. She is truly

"The Life Designer”.

Other coaches I looked at offered programs that did not seem to offer realistic sustainability

over time. Angela offered systems, ideas, and unique approaches that have been sustainable

and have proven their effectiveness through the substantial growth I have seen in my

business. She offered marketing, branding, thought processes, direction, and resources. I

just signed the largest job I have ever gotten as a result of Angela's coaching!


I highly recommend Angela Bonfante to anyone who is looking to grow their business through

a realistic and sustainable process. She is not only a coach but an amazing marketer and

strategic thinker. She truly cares about her clients and shows it by serving them through

thoughtful, customized programs that lead to personal and professional growth and success.


Thank you Angela!"


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