Nothing brings out the passion in people like a political race. It is interesting how many of us will avoid discussions of politics to avoid disagreements with friends and family. While others thrive in proving their point as to why their candidate is the best choice and their beliefs are the right path. Here in the United States a presidential race certainly brings all of us into the passion of our positions on political issues. This type of passion speaks to the heart of each American and their core beliefs.

The olympics demonstrate passion in a different way. Olympians are passionate about their sport. So much so, they have devoted their entire lives to training for events that are over in a matter of minutes. Their training involves much more than merely practicing their sport, it also consists of strict diets, sleep, weight training, and psychological training. Everything they do is geared towards their dream of becoming the best at their respective sport. This type of passion is unique in that it is all consuming and yet not one athlete complains about the sacrifices necessary to make it to the olympic games. They live and breath competition, winning, and being the best they can be. They are committed to becoming the best and winning gold.

Each of us has something within us that needs to be born out of passion. Finding that passion is the trick to a happy and fulfilling career and life. We all too often get sidetracked by life’s struggles and disappointments when we are aiming to live our passion in the world. The world, however, is in need of heroes who are brave enough to live their passion, making no apologies for who they are and what they stand for. Passionate living is being sacrificed all too often for the “safe” life.

We can look to our politicians and our olympic athletes and see where their passion is born. It is in the very essence of who they are, what they care about, and what they stand for in their lives.

When we choose our life’s path, we need to focus on what brings us the most joy and purpose. Our purpose is directly linked to the passion or zest we have for our greatest talents and gifts. It is by looking within that we will find those parts of ourselves that cannot be contained.

We need to have courage to live our life’s purpose in fulfilling our destiny and bringing forth our personal greatness into the world. It is here that we live a passionate and purposeful life and are hero’s to our children and others who are also striving to live their dreams.

When our passion is our life and we choose to follow our greatest talents and gifts, we are a light in the world. It is through personal discovery and courage that we grow into this life. Commitment to our passion and dream gives us the fortitude to overcome setbacks in order to live the purposeful life that we all deserve to live.

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"When I started working with Angela I was not getting the types of Interior Design jobs that I

needed for my business to be successful. I was struggling to support myself financially and I

knew something needed to change. I did not have an understanding of who I was and,

therefore, who my company was. I did not have a clear vision of what I offered that made my

business unique, how to market my business effectively, and how to charge appropriately for

my services. I was struggling with confidence in my abilities as a designer and business

owner. I felt like I was floating without a clear direction.


Angela led me through a process over the course of several months that allowed me to

overcome my fears and clearly illuminate the direction for my business based on who I am as

a person and designer and based on the goals I have for my life. We worked through growth

strategies and what a mindset for success looks like. I have a new found confidence in my

abilities as a designer and business owner and I can now enjoy my life as a result. She is truly

"The Life Designer”.

Other coaches I looked at offered programs that did not seem to offer realistic sustainability

over time. Angela offered systems, ideas, and unique approaches that have been sustainable

and have proven their effectiveness through the substantial growth I have seen in my

business. She offered marketing, branding, thought processes, direction, and resources. I

just signed the largest job I have ever gotten as a result of Angela's coaching!


I highly recommend Angela Bonfante to anyone who is looking to grow their business through

a realistic and sustainable process. She is not only a coach but an amazing marketer and

strategic thinker. She truly cares about her clients and shows it by serving them through

thoughtful, customized programs that lead to personal and professional growth and success.


Thank you Angela!"


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