Once upon a time there was a Lion who lived in the jungle. His name was Sacsha and he had lost his courage..

Sacsha had lost his family in a tragic storm. So he was all alone and he wandered the jungle in search of friends. It was difficult for a lion to make friends – the other animals feared him. He tried over and over and one by one each animal said no, “I cannot be your friend I am afraid of you.” He was sad, his hope was gone and he had no courage left.

One day while Sacsha was sunning himself in the field, he heard a voice, “Doesn’t the sun feel so good on your back?” Sacsha was stunned when he opened his eyes to discover a small bee talking to him.

He asked, “Who are you?”.

The bee said,” I am Amari the bee. I fly all around the jungle eating nector from the beautiful flowers.”

Sacsha said, “It must be nice to have so much fun and be so happy doing what you do.”

Amari replied, “Why yes it is. I don’t know how to do anything else and I really love the taste of nector. Why do you look so sad? Lions get to do fun things too.”

Sacsha said, “My family died in a storm and I am all alone. I have no friends and have lost my courage while trying to find new friends. I keep getting rejected because the other animals are afraid of me.”

Amari said to Sascha, “Why you are the bravest of all animals. You are known for your courage. How can a lion lose his courage? It is part of you.”

Sacsha replied, “Well at one time I had courage, but I have forgotten how to use it and don’t know if it is still inside of me. I have been rejected so many times I have given up and resigned myself to a life without meaning.”

Amari said, “Sacsha, you see that I am a bee, correct?”.

“Yes, that you are,” said Sascha.

Amari replied, “Did you know that bees should not be able to fly?”

 “I guess I never considered it before. Why shouldn’t you be able to fly?” Asked Sacsha.

Amari, “Because my body is too round and fat and my wings are too small.”

Sacsha said, “How do you do it then – fly that is?”

Amari Replied, “Because I believe that I can. Sacsha, the impossible is possible when you believe that you can do it. You must first try. You see when I was born, no one ever told me I couldn’t fly. Stop listening to what others tell you is possible and begin listening to your instincts instead.”

Sascha said, “You mean that it is possible for me to have a friend even though I have been told many times no by the other animals.”

Amari Replied, “I am not afraid of you. I will be your friend.”

When Sascha heard this, he began jumping for joy running through the jungle, roaring with glee. Amari the Bee followed along zipping through the air, thrilled to see Sacsha happy.

Later that day, as Sascha and Amari relaxed in the shade, Sascha noticed there was a bird who was sitting all alone and appeared sad. Sascha asked without being afraid, “Why are you alone and not with the other birds in your flock?”

The bird said, “I hurt my wing and my flock left me behind. My wing is better now but I forgot how to fly.”

The lion replied, “My name is Sacsha, I was once like you, I forgot I had courage. But my friend, Amari, reminded me that I still had it within myself. Now here I am talking to you no longer afraid of being rejected. Maybe you just need to be reminded how to fly.”

The bird said, “My name is Beatrix. It is nice to meet you. So you really think I can fly again?”

“Yes I will help you rediscover what you can do. Sit on my back and as I run let the wind catch your wings so you can get a start.” Sacsha replied.

Beatrix agreed and hopped onto Sacsha’s back. The lion began to run through the jungle and as he ran Beatrix opened her wings and began to glide, then she flapped her wings, and she was flying! Just like that she remembered how.

At the end of the day the Lion, the Bee and the Bird all sat together. Each thinking about their day. Thankful to be together and remembering why they believe…

Sacsha said ,” I believed because Amari reminded me that I do have courage and her friendship changed my perspective.”

Beatrix said, “I believed because Sacsha gave me a hand and helped me when I needed it most.”

Amari said, “I always believed because I knew it was possible.”

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