What am I here for?  Yes that age old question. I know you have wondered why God put you on this earth. You are probably wondering right now while you are reading this blog post.

Most of us ask ourselves this question when we are experiencing what I call “divine discontent” in our lives. This discontent can come from a general lack of passion in your life or relationship, a dissatisfaction with work, or from something much bigger such as the loss of a loved one. However it arrives, “diving discontent” will get your attention. Depression, anxiety, a sense that something needs to change, that you want something more, but what?

Divine discontent may appear in spurts, build over time, or come on abruptly when there is an unwanted change to the norm.  I will use work as an example… First you become less satisfied with your job. You ignore this feeling thinking that you are having a series of bad days. Then one day something negative happens at work, like losing an important account, and you say to yourself, what am I am doing here?

You push through it – shoving that feeling of unhappiness down inside. Life goes on and you start becoming aware that you are now dreading Mondays. You talk yourself into looking at the bright side of your situation – the great money, the title, the time invested, the great people you work with, how blessed you are to be able to provide for your family. You say to yourself, “I should be satisfied with my life – what is wrong with me?”

God says, “Yes I have given you a wonderful job and you have done well – now I am asking more from you.” But you say to yourself, unaware that you are being called to something more by God your father, ” No thanks, I am good right here.”

Then one day, you find your dread has turned into a full out depression, you have no energy left for your loved ones at the end of the day.  You are actively unengaged at work doing the minimum to get by. You know you want more but what is it you are wanting? Divine discontent is going to get your attention one way or another.

So finally you ask yourself, “WHAT AM I HERE FOR?”

The question alone can either paralyze us or spark us onward and upward. God gives us the choice. He wants us to participate in His great design and He loves us so much He does not want to force us into doing anything. He has given us all unique gifts, certain life experiences and powerful passions that are born within our very DNA. But how do we know what to do with it all? Could God want us to discover ourselves in relationship with Him?

Hence the question that continues to arise for all humanity. “WHAT AM I HERE FOR?”

I have been on this journey most of my adult life. And it is a journey. I have helped others discover their gifts and passions. I have helped others design lives and businesses that fulfill and excite.  Rarely is it in a single moment in time that purpose is discovered independent of relationship. It may seem to arrive in a single moment but likely there has been a significant prelude to getting there.  Relationship reveals our purpose.

Once we have that purpose, once we know that purpose, once we feel the thrill of that purpose – we can’t help but live it. It is like choosing to live in black and white when we have the choice of color. We want to live it. We have to live it.

Now I will warn you, when you make this discovery and start down the often scary path of following God’s call in your life there will be a road full of obstacles and distractions. I would call it a cleansing of the soul set in motion to make sure you are ready for the journey. You have choose to follow your purpose everyday – as if you just discovered it .

You are here for a reason. There is a greater purpose for your life and only you can give birth to it. No one can take your place or do what you can do. If you don’t live out your God given destiny, it will be lost forever, and the world will never know what it has missed. In fact, I would say there are people out there who need you to be the person you were created to be so they can reach their full potential as well. You cannot under estimate the importance of seeking and living out your purpose.

So how do you find your special purpose?

You must face your divine discontent, stare it down, spend some time with it and allow God to speak to you in the silence of your heart. Ask Him to reveal to you your special and unique gifts and how those relate to your divine purpose. The intersection of your unique gifts, life experience, and passion will be where you find what you are looking for.

I have found that purpose can evolve over time and even change with life circumstances. When my daughter was born, I knew in an instant that I had been put on this earth to be her mother. All I wanted to do was nurture her, raise her, watch her grow and love her with all my heart. Having a baby is closest I think we get to understanding God’s great love for us. It is unconditional and all encompassing. As she has grown, my role as her mother, one of my greatest purposes in this life has changed. I am more of a guide as she makes her own choices and decisions, a confidant, friend, and lastly her mother.

I am now called to a new and different purpose. God is asking me to go beyond my family to touch the lives of many. To inspire and help others see how they fit into the puzzle of life – to help others discover their purpose, design their lives around it, and go on to change the world in their special way.


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"When I started working with Angela I was not getting the types of Interior Design jobs that I

needed for my business to be successful. I was struggling to support myself financially and I

knew something needed to change. I did not have an understanding of who I was and,

therefore, who my company was. I did not have a clear vision of what I offered that made my

business unique, how to market my business effectively, and how to charge appropriately for

my services. I was struggling with confidence in my abilities as a designer and business

owner. I felt like I was floating without a clear direction.


Angela led me through a process over the course of several months that allowed me to

overcome my fears and clearly illuminate the direction for my business based on who I am as

a person and designer and based on the goals I have for my life. We worked through growth

strategies and what a mindset for success looks like. I have a new found confidence in my

abilities as a designer and business owner and I can now enjoy my life as a result. She is truly

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Other coaches I looked at offered programs that did not seem to offer realistic sustainability

over time. Angela offered systems, ideas, and unique approaches that have been sustainable

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I highly recommend Angela Bonfante to anyone who is looking to grow their business through

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thoughtful, customized programs that lead to personal and professional growth and success.


Thank you Angela!"


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